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Rebuke -nailed- to a door.

February 2nd, 2013

Google Inc and Microsoft Personnel through the respective counselors,

United States and FCC, through respective counselors,

Please first take a moment to read 42 §1988.

The Copy[rite] Act of 1790 was ruled not to protect human rights in 1843. The Copy[rite] Act has NEVER protected civil rights for humans in the United States. The Copy[rite] Act of 1976 was considered an entirely new Copy[rite] regime by most and attempted to make the US ritual or HOAX more closely emulate the fundamental human rights the rest of the developing nations on Earth were accepting. 1976 was when 47 USC §107 was passed though immediately unconstitutional due to vagueness. The entire HOAX called copy[rite] in the United States has been unconstitutional on its face since created and remains unconstitutional now.

The Copy[rite] Act of 1790 was created to protect a subclass of the population and affected only this subclass. This HOAX gave those with higher intellectual abilities special government protection for their creative genius and remains a HOAX to this date.

The United States has been unique in rejecting this human right and is why or Google Inc could only be created within the framework of improper laws from within the United States. The personal human right for EVERYONE to control creations has never been respected by the HOAX of copy[rite] in the US. It is not because Larry Page and Sergey Brin were geniuses. They are intelligent but only initiated automated violations of the human right to control free speech and intellectual property. Most early non-Google Inc “aggregators” of remote computer listings required submissions and allowed control of the “snippet” presented when the crowded field of “search engines” first developed. Google Inc has violated common human laws since DAY ONE. Google Inc assumes this somehow resulted in revised common law as was demonstrated in New York and is happening now in Europe. Google Inc created and invented absolutely NOTHING!

The legal human right of a person who creates art to control this art while alive has a history that predates the existence of the United States. This is cited from Miller v Taylor (1767) in the Second Amended Complaint that is not yet allowed plead. This litigation will impact the entire Earth as in most humans born from now on.

[sic] “Internet” wire communications of today provide the venue for this rebuke of Google Inc for selling stolen goods or using the original creations of others while violating fundamental human rights to control speech and property. This “post” would compare to Rev Martin Luther nailing his rebuke regarding selling indulgences on the church door in Germany.

The [sic] “Internet” is a phenomenal development of wire communications where the telegraph machines connected to wires in the first millennium were replaced by computers and smart phones of today.

Google Inc personnel and the FCC commissioners should be aware the following earches below are documented today.

1. "curtis neeley" nude (p01, p02)

2. "curtis neeley" nude (p01)

3. "curtis neeley" nude (p01)

4. "curtis neeley" nude (p01, p02, p03)

5. "curtis neeley" nude (p01)

6. +"curtis neeley" nude (p03, p04, p05, p06, p07, p08, p09, p10, p11, p12, p13)

7. +"curtis neeley" nude (p01, p02, p03)

8. +"curtis neeley" nude (p09, 910, p11)

9. +"curtis neeley" nude (p01)

10. +"curtis neeley" nude (p01)

The following UNREGULATED locations (URLs) have been submitted for removal of old cache as have not yet occurred. The rational for this is the Google “cache refresh” software ignore the API instruction of “?delete=true” and yet the query routine including these to pack searches. Please slap a sleeping Google Inc “HACKER” and have them correct this. These four will be requested AGAIN today.






Microsoft Corporation personnel and the FCC commissioners should be aware of the following.

1. curtis neeley nude (p01)

2. curtis neeley nude (p01)

3. curtis neeley nude (p01)

4. curtis neeley (p01)

5. curtis neeley (p01)

6. curtis neeley (p01)

These once had tenuous unconstitutional rational except for ## (4,5, 6)

The results from #4 from include vulgar images NEVER placed at but once resulted from link to an evidence PDF in an excluded directory on

The portrait of Marshall S. Ney Esq can be seen in #4 above as well as the safe search as well. (p01)

Counselors and FCC personnel are advised that these results are from yesterday and today and violate the common law human rights of the Plaintiff. These were found without waiving privacy or logging in.

This should be prohibited by the intentions of 47 USC §231 and the FCC mission stated in 47 USC §151.

This litigation will impact the entire Earth as in most humans born from now on. This is much more UNIVERSAL impact than any legal action ever taken in Earth’s history including Roe v Wade. Keep this in mind and litigate honorably.