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Purchase open editions from here to decorate or contact Curtis to purchase as signed limited editions guaranteed with immediate refunds available from Curtis or the CN Foundation perpetually. Signed Limited Editions are limited to ONE… Please inquire.
Open Editions may be collected privately after dated and signed upon receipt. If a limited edition is not already issued, the privately annotated pieces can become the signed limited editions after inspected and signed by Curtis. The open edition cost counts towards the $500 Limited Edition price except for on “CMN Parking”, which is five copies for $5,000.00 at 36”-48”.
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Decorate waiting rooms, walls and corporate public spaces with “found objects” art and scenic scenes from the Ozarks in Arkansas and from Okinawa, Japan from 1992-now. Curtis is a very pro-life artist and his life is a modern miracle. Curtis continues to create art from a wheelchair after a severe traumatic brain injury and over six weeks unresponsive in a coma. Helping stop the frivolous killing of the unborn but acknowledging the fundamental human right to PRIVATELY sin is one reason God left him here.


About Curtis J Neeley Jr

Curtis J Neeley Jr Art photographers who began photography as a Marine Corporal on the island of Okinawa, Japan while documenting the beauty and working to start Okinawa Clean Beach Club. In 2003, Curtis suffered a MVA and was unresponsive in a coma for just over six weeks. In 2009 Curtis sued GOOG, MSFT, and the FCC fort broadcasting intercepted wire/radio communications and broadcasting a book GOOG scanned in a library in NY.
After fighting to defend AR Act 301 (12-week abortion ban), Curtis fought to support AR Act 493 but not (619, and 700). See
Purchase or display of Signed collectible art by Curtis J. Neeley Jr implies acceptance of the human dignity of a Fetus after no later than 18-weeks but allowing the human right to choose until at least 15-weeks.

Signed artwork is not sold to buyers in CA, NY, IL, or other BLUE state where abortions are done electively after 20 weeks. Purchase of this art will help fight indiscriminate Fetus killing. Buy the art to decorate and make a moral statement.